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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What to Post...

In a recent blog post I did, I said I'd like this blog to be more active. For days, I've been thinking of things I could post but I couldn't think of anything good. So, here I am, lying on my bed with laptop. Today's kind of a lazy day. I admit that I'm still in my PJ's even if it's 4 in the afternoon right now. :D (I bet a lot of people do this too. I'll take a bath later, I promise.)
What to write... What to write...
I'll just make "kwento". hm...
Well, last weekend we went to Canyon Cove in Batangas. :) It was raining hard when we got there. Fortunately, on our second day there, it didn't rain. We had fun in the beach and in the huge pool there. The water in the pool is clean even though there were a lot of people. We only stayed there overnight. Around lunch time, we headed back home.
Uhm... That's kinda it.
Moving on...
About my summer vacation.
It was hotter than before but we survived. School's coming in around 2 weeks. My summer wasn't that bad. We went to Baguio, La Union, and Batangas. We checked-in in a few hotels too like, Maxims.
- Funny story how we ended up checking in Maxims. Our house was brownout. What's more annoying is that the rest of the houses near by had electricity except some houses near ours. I forgot the reason why. heh. :)
Okay, going back. This summer, I also had volleyball training last March and May. I also had some Chinese classes the whole summer, from March 'til May. They were both fun. Sadly the teacher from my Chinese classes went home to China and because of that, I might not see her again. :'( We weren't that close though.
OH!!! and recently, we bought new pet fish!!! The old ones, the ones from an older post of mine, are dead. :/ Now, we have a new set of fish and I hope they last long. An average lifespan of a fish is 3-5 years, according to my mom and if my memory remembers correctly to what she said.
Aside from the classes, fish, training, and trips, I just stayed at home, except for constant trips to cousins' house.
I guess this post turned out to be the summary of my summer, though it hasn't really ended yet.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Love You, Mom

Yesterday, Sunday, May 13, was a very special day for special people. They're the ones who delivered you into this world. They're the ones who will love you forever. They're the reason behind every success. Being there for us, taking care for us and teaching us is their job. We're sometimes ungrateful to them when we don't get what we want.

Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

Moms always want what's best for us, especially my mom. She sacrifices a lot for us, from staying awake all night to take care of us to giving up the yummiest food for us to taste. I may not be the perfect daughter but I try my best. Okay, I'm hard-headed countless of times but I understand that she knows what's best.
For our awesome mom, she got a shopping spree at Resorts World Manila, Newport Mall yesterday from dad while we, me, my sister and bro (who gives only moral support to the card), got our mom a huge card.
^not our best card because we did it late at night^

While going through the mall around and around, we managed to drop by at the GameZoo's photo booth. The pictures below are a few shots taken.

Besides playing in the GameZoo, an arcade, we went to a lot of shops and shopped a lot. It wasn't only a treat for my mom but also for the rest of the family. I got a few things myself. :> We really had a fun and special day.
Again, Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome mommies out there! :)

As for the title, why "I Love You, Mom"? It's true that I really love her. Although, being a teen, I don't say it that much. So, I'm using this chance to tell why we don't say it that much.
Honestly, I don't know why and I know a lot of other teens do too, but that doesn't change the fact that we love our moms. I guess, sometimes we feel it's a little awkward? Ask us why it's awkward and we'd answer "idk" because we really don't know. We just don't say it that much, that's it, but that doesn't change the way we feel.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


If you've been here before, you'd notice the "few changes". I changed my theme, profile picture, added some widgets and etc. For those who haven't, there's a picture below of how this place looks like before.
I've also noticed that Blogspot has a new Blogger Interface. I'm also trying to update this blog more often. I've been kinda busy with school before and I kinda forgot about this. I recently remembered this because of someone who went here and laughed at my childhood photos. :( lol It's okay though because we're friends. :)
So, here's an update. I'm about to be on my Sophomore year. Yes, how time flies. I also haven't grown an inch since last year. Tear tear :'( My iPod Touch and phone never goes out of my sight. It's true, ask my mom. ;) I'll be 15 this coming 5th of September. My braces are turning 4 years old this May but I'm hoping to get them off reeeeeaaaaal soon. I'm currently in my school's Volleyball Varsity Team. Yes, I love playing sports, specifically volleyball. It's my passion. There's a lot more of updates or changes but besides that, I'm still me. I'm still that black-haired, brown-eyed, fun, silly girl I used to be. I just grew.
I'm happy to be typing here again and I hope to type again soon. I'm excited to share some of my stories. Can't wait! 'Til next time.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tagaytay Weekend, summer '09

Last weekend, May 30 - 31, we went to Tagaytay! We had lots of fun!

We started our trip on Saturday morning.  We stayed in a hotel called Potter’s Ridge.  It was nice there. We stayed in the family room on the 1st floor. When we got there we were tired because of the long trip. Mom and dad left uin the hotel for a while to go somewhere. We stayed in the hotel quite long because mom and dad were not home yet. It rained the whole day. After a while, mom arrived earlier than dad. We got bored at the hotel sometimes, so we took photos of us having fun.

<-- The view of our hotel room was so beautiful! 

That evening, we went to eat dinner outside. We ate dinner at Carlos Pizza. Then we had dessert at Razon’s. We had halo-halo. Mmmmm... Sarap! Then we head back to our hotel, Potter’s Ridge.

When we got there, mom and dad went to the hotel’s restaurant. It was a wi-fi zone. Mom and dad had date there. 

We woke up early Sunday morning. We dressed ourselves to get ready for breakfast and the day’s activities. After breakfast we packed up our things to check out of our hotel.

After checking out, we went to People’s Park. First, we went horseback riding. We had lots of fun! Each rider has a guide. Usually the guide is an adult but there, it was kids. There were adults telling them what to do, it’s like training them.

After that, Vera and I rode a zipline!!!

Me and V getting on the zipline.

We're off!


Finally! We're done.

I felt a little dizzy when we got off the ride.. It was VERY VERY VERY FUN! 

Then, it was time to head back to sunny Manila. 

PS: If you don't know what's a zipline. Google it. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our New Housemates!!

Last April 2009, we bought an aquarium. We have nine goldfish!

  1. Helga - a common fantail, the first ever fish in our tank
  2. Bumpkin - another fantail 
  3. Choo - another fantail
  4. Yoko - a Calico Ryukin
  5. Ching - a lionhead fish
  6. Liang - a shubunkin
  7. Shoobie - a shubunkin
  8. Wang (R.I.P.) - a black moor. Died due to a squished eye. :(
  9. Ying (R.I.P.) - a red cap oranda. Died due to fin rot. :(
Yesterday, mom bought a new Ryukin that we named Ferb.
Ferb - Ryukin

Watching fish swimming around is very calming. One time, I watched our fish swimming for a long time
~iMoM~ wrote a more complete post about our fish tank. Click here to visit it. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

9 Days In Baguio City (Summer '09)

We spent 9 days in Baguio City. 

We had really so much fun! Here are some photos of hwat we did. :)

We even went easter egg hunting. We had fun too!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Totally Cool Weekend

Last weekend, (March 28 - March 29) was really really fun!


We went to the
Krispy Kreme Chocolate Karnival. We had lots of fun! There was a girl making balloons into cool figures, magic show, games and etc... FOOD! :D
This is a picture of the Krispy Kreme mascots.

This is me and A.

This  is my tattoo from the KK event. :)

When we finally got home from the event, we enjoyed eating the doughnuts. Mmmm.. :D



The whole family was up early for mom's 5k race. Her number was 70. Mom had a lot of fun running. She said she felt really good running and wanted to go again next year. 


A lot of people joined....

... even a dog!

Before we went home, we had some pictures with Sen. Pia Ceyetano.

It was a great weekend!